Family Mealtime Coaching

“There is no such thing as junk food. There’s junk and there’s food.” – Dr. Mark Hyman

Family mealtimes are not a thing of the past.

Your child’s development depends on good nutrition. Everything from behavior, to cognition, motor and speech development, and sleep are impacted by what they eat. When your child’s body is not getting the proper nutrients and fuel, problems creep in. We can work together to teach your child how to help in the kitchen, how to enjoy healthy foods, and teach them healthy habits that will last their whole lifetime. One of the best gifts you can give your child, is the gift of health- which all starts with what is on the end of their fork.

Strategies to maximize your time.

Through my unique combination of skills and trainings, I will teach you how to best help your child. I will walk with you while we tackle obstacles together, provide you with tips and tricks, and teach you proven strategies for combating the toughest picky eaters. By working together in your home, we will use all of the resources at your fingertips to help your child make progress. I have had families see progress in the first month of treatment, and have discharged clients after an average of just 10 sessions.

Family Mealtime
“As a new mom, the most valuable part of working with Dr. Beth was the peace of mind that she helped me achieve. I had so many questions in the first year about what was “normal” or “typical” and googling every little thing only left me with more questions than when I had started. She helped me address such a wide range of concerns – everything from the learning curve that comes with first time breastfeeding, to pacifier use and recommended types, to questions about a potential tongue tie. Again and again, Dr. Beth responded with the confidence, reassurance and information that comes with so many years of experience. At a time of such newness and uncertainty, her knowledge and approachability was invaluable.”

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Get Help?

Mealtimes are stressful

Your child is a picky eater

You feel like a “short order cook”

You want to make sure your child’s development is on track

You want to learn how to cook and eat together as a family

You are concerned that your child is not getting proper nutrition

I offer free 15-minute phone consultations to share my approach and philosophy, and to see if my services may be able to help you.

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